This article is written for comparison purposes. This is NOT investment advise. For a comprehensive description of the mechanics each stability system, please check out these links:

BitBay (BAY):

Maker (DAI):

While many decentralized stablecoin projects remain in the “whitepaper” phase, both BAY and DAI have established extensive…

What are the differences between these two non-collateralized elastic supply systems?

This article is solely written for comparison purposes, and assumes a general understanding of each project. For a comprehensive description of each project, please check out these links before reading:

BitBay (BAY):

Ampleforth (AMPL):

Are BitBay and Ampleforth considered “stablecoins”?

With last years explosion of stablecoins, there…

In response to last year’s bear market, the crypto industry has seen an explosion of brand new stablecoin crypto projects and ideas, all hoping to protect investors from heinous volatility. While the large majority of these models encompass a “fiat-backed, US Dollar parity” model, there are a handful of projects…


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